7 Important Things to Consider Before a Condo Renovation

1.9 million Canadian families live in condos which makes it a desirable place to live in. Having your own place to live in Canada is not less than a blessing. Those who can afford to find it easy to maintain a condo.

While maintenance is daily, condo renovation can call to action occasionally.

Well, you do not have to worry about it. This condo renovation guide can walk you through the process. You just need to keep these useful tips in mind while planning. Since condo remodeling is different from a house or an apartment, there are many aspects that much be considered while deciding.

What is a Condo?

Condominium, short for a condo, is a type of living that is like an apartment. However, there is a difference. A condo can be sold independently which makes it a real estate property.

Buying a condo is slightly different from buying an apartment or a stand-alone home. There are many considerations that one considers prior to making a purchase. These useful 10 tips for buying your first condo can help you in making a good bargain.

How to Renovate a Condo?

Maintenance and constant care are needed when you are living in a place. Whether it is a condo or a home, each residence has its own requirements and must be taken care of. 12 top tips for maintaining a condo can guide you about making accurate changes for maintenance.

Condo remodel can have a toll on you. Looking at the small size does not really mean that the task would be small as well. This is the reason that contractors operating in the city are often approached to get the work done.

When a remodeling project becomes hard and massive to handle yourself then you always look for a contractor. If this is your first project then you might want to look for these 10 qualities in general contractors operating in Toronto before hiring one.

This how-to renovate guide can walk you through the procedure as well as highlight some important aspects that should not be overlooked. Make sure you go through the list before beginning the project.

1. Reach Out to Property or Building Manager

This is important and must not be disregarded. There are certain rules and policies regarding condo renovation. condo remodel requires you to approach the building or property manager to guide you about the procedure.

There are minute details like material and forms that can be used while remodeling or renovating a condo. For this purpose, you need to contact your building manager to have full knowledge about the matter.

There is a guideline available about the dos and donts of renovating a condo. Make sure you inform them well in advance. The older the building, the chance is that it will have some strict policies and regulations.

So, make sure you reach out to them in advance.

2. Find a Contractor Who is Willing to Take Condo Remodel Project

Condo renovation is different. While hiring a contractor, you must ask him if he is willing to take up the project.

It is logistically challenging as the contractor has to find parking, coordinate bookings in the elevator, book loading zones, etc. These restrictions make it a little harder to work in the building. Make sure that the contractor you are hiring knows how to renovate a condo.

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3. Know the Limitations

Before landing on a new project idea, you must consider the fact that there are certain limitations. Tight condo spaces are usually designed with odd-angled walls and intrusive columns. This makes it hard to find the right angle.

This is the reason that it is important to know which walls can be removed and which will allow making small changes. So, consult a contractor and show him the place before you start planning condo remodel.

4. Think About Maximizing the Storage

When it comes to the condo, you can find almost no storage. It is essential to have a space where you can store things. Think about building a walk-in closet or a space-savvy pantry.

Considering from a resale point of view, you can this premium can add value to your condo.

Make sure you invest in your condo while renovating it.

5. Expect Hinderances

Do not get attached to the new idea and wait until the contractor has done his inspection. Moreover, there will be delays down the road so do not expect to get the work done quickly. Condo remodel involves a lot of aspects and you must consider them.

There is a chance that you might have to wait for the city inspector because of his/her busy schedule. So to save yourself from headaches and frustration expect hindrances.

6. Hire a Cleaning Company

Do not expect the contractor to clean up the mess after they have done their work. Cleaning it yourself is not a good idea either.

For this purpose, you can hire a cleaning company. They can make the work easier and you can find ample time saved for your own work.

7. Consider Your Budget

Since prices of properties are high, to maintain them, it becomes quite difficult to keep up. This is the reason that you must consider your budget before making any contact or finalizing things. This would help you to determine the cost.

Are You Planning to Renovate Your Condo?

Condo renovation is always an exciting task as it means to give a new look to your house. While the options are limited, you can still make the best out of it. Make sure you consider these things before start working on the project.

If you have found a new project in your condo then contact us for assistance and renovation services.