What to look for when doing demolition in Toronto

Demolition in Toronto done right!

As an important step to any remodel project, the demolition in Toronto starts the process of most renovation projects. Beyond calling a local expert contractor to properly demo your room or project, some take the matter into their own hands.

A few things come into play though when considering doing a demolition by yourself.

Cover Up

Before you start anything, one should cover everything within the room that you are removing. Within the wall, there could be asbestos and once you start hammering the wall down, drywall and plaster is going to cover everything in sight. Best to cover your precious belongings within the room before getting anything started.

Safety Gear

A first time demolitioner should always protect themselves by putting on safety goggles and gloves and ensuring the proper eyewear is worn.

Is the wall load bearing?

An obvious move before swinging the mighty hammer on the wall, is to check for important beams that essentially hold your house up. These are known as load bearing walls and should always be tested before going into demo mode.

Generally located in the middle of the house, they also run perpendicular to the floor joists. You can see the floor joists from the basement and run all the way up the house, through to the second and third floors.

Outdoor walls are always load bearing, so if you're thinking extension, bear that in mind, but don't mind the pun. For best results, consult a competent contractor to help with this process.

Watch for any plumbing, HVAC pipes or Electrical

Walls with any wiring, electrical outlets, HVAC vents and pipes or plumbing should be removed before tearing a wall down. They should be carefully checked from both sides and removed to prevent further damage to your home. If live electricity is running through the wall, turn off the main power to ensure you minimize any damage. Use a saw to cut through the wall before sledgehammering the wall down and the wall is all yours!

Score the ceiling

To create less of a mess later, score the area between the wall and the ceiling. It will prevent any sheetrock that's being removed from taking down the ceiling.

Using a Saw vs a Sledgehammer

Sure, the sledgehammer is way more fun than cutting a wall meticulously to prevent further damage. By using a saw, you'll get through most walls, nails or other materials and will do most of the work for you

Next, we will talk about disposing your demolition refuse. For now, enjoy the demolition in Toronto process!