A Kitchen Do-Over: 7 of The Most Popular Kitchen Flooring Materials

If you’re in the process of a kitchen makeover and need to decide between popular kitchen flooring materials, this guide should help you choose!

The kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. This is commonly where you cook meals and where you overall grub out. Maybe you host family dinners in the kitchen and even host your parties in the kitchen.

No matter how you use the kitchen, its design is integral. While many homeowners focus on their counters, cabinets, and their appliances, kitchen flooring is an aspect that commonly gets overlooked.

You need a powerful floor to protect against spills and other kitchen disasters.

Which flooring should you choose? Here are the 7 most popular kitchen flooring options.

1. Laminate

Laminate is a great solution for many kitchens. Laminate is durable enough to protect against all kitchen nuances, such as kids, spills, messes, and pets.

Cleanup is extremely easy and laminate resists scratches and even stains.

Today, laminate comes in a myriad of styles to fit your kitchen?s unique design.

Use solid-colored laminate if you want simple flooring that matches with?your countertops. You can even find a high-end laminate that replicates hardwood flooring.

This is why many homeowners choose laminate is because laminate looks similar to other flooring styles, but is more affordable.

Even though laminate can?t completely mimic wood, you can buy laminate that replicates the look at wood without the high price tag.

Speaking of hardwood flooring?

2. Hardwood

Hardwood is the ultimate flooring choice for the kitchen and many other rooms.

That?s because most?homeowners prefer wood flooring?and installing new wood floors boosts your home?s value. This is why wood flooring never goes out of style.

Hardwood flooring is especially lovely in the kitchen. Wood flooring adds warmth to any room ? a feeling that is essential in the kitchen.

The reason why other flooring options such as laminate can?t completely replicate wood is that every wooden plank is unique with rich details.

Hardwood flooring installation also requires precision and craftsmanship ? something not all floor installation companies can guarantee.

The only drawbacks of wood flooring are the cost and comfort. Hardwood flooring is notorious for being expensive. The kitchen is a room where you?re standing and wood flooring isn?t the easiest on your feet.

3. Cork

That?s right ? the very thing that closes your wine bottles is also a great flooring option. Cork makes any flooring look unique. Cork is a versatile material ? it can be molded to form tiles, planks, or sheets.

Cork?s natural color is also very warm, perfect for those who love the color of wood and laminate but want a unique flooring option.

It?s also a very comfortable flooring option ? cork is naturally soft and springy, perfect for the days when you?re on your feet because you?re cooking up a huge meal.

Cork?s bounciness is also beneficial for spills. Even staining agents such as coffee are no match for cork. Liquids don?t easily soak into cork, helping prevent staining.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is another unique flooring material that is becoming more popular for homeowners. Also, bamboo is a very durable material but it?s also very stylish.

Bamboo is a great wood alternative because of its eco-friendly qualities. This is definitely a great flooring option in the kitchen because bamboo is even stronger than wood!

Bamboo is versatile enough to match any kitchen d?cor. Since bamboo comes in many patterns, colors, and textures, you can arrange it into planks or tiles and bamboo can be molded to fit all kitchen sizes.

Bamboo is extremely comfortable but it also resists water and is durable against impacts, such as lots of foot traffic and kids.

5. Linoleum

Right next to wood, linoleum is another popular kitchen flooring option. Linoleum is a combination of natural materials such as resin, linseed oil, limestone, and wood flour.

Linoleum comes in a plethora of styles, colors, and designs. Also, linoleum is extremely durable, even for the busiest of kitchens. Linoleum is powerful enough to stand up to heat, water, and even scratching.

Linoleum is also perfect for kids and pets. This material is antistatic and antibacterial, so it?s not only easy to clean but also hygienic.

This material is also soft and easy on your feet. Perfect for those long days of standing on your feet and cooking huge meals.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl has been another popular kitchen flooring option because of its strength and versatility.

Another reason why vinyl is popular is because of its design versatility. Vinyl comes in many different colors and patterns. Many flooring manufacturers even mimic vinyl to look like ceramic, hardwood, and stone.

Vinyl is a natural elastic material. It?s not only powerful but it helps prevent your kitchen materials from breaking. This includes your cups, plates, and even glasses.

7. Tile

Last but not least, we have another preferred kitchen flooring option.

Tile is powerful enough to absorb bacteria and even odors. It?s hard to stain and can withstand water and weight. This is why tile is a perfect choice?if you have pets?and kids.

Tile is simple enough to match any d?cor but comes in a range of unique patterns and designs. It can be arranged in many ways to create an eye-catching design.

The major drawback is tile isn?t the most comfortable floor. It?s a very durable and hard floor, which doesn?t feel very nice on your feet.

Which Popular Kitchen Flooring Option Will You Choose?

If you?re doing a kitchen redesign, you should know about your different flooring options. These are the most popular kitchen flooring types and any of these will be the perfect fit for your kitchen.

All of these materials are powerful, look great, and are perfect for all household sizes.

Do you need help with your kitchen renovation? If you?re in Toronto,?we specialize in kitchen renovations. We can help with your flooring as well as custom countertops and cabinets.