7 Essential Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Shower Renovation

About 72 percent of people get their best ideas in the shower. The warm, small, and safe environment relaxes the mind, creating a conducive environment to think.

However, it?s almost impossible to achieve this comfort in an old and outdated bathroom. Fortunately, there?s a solution.

A shower renovation!

Remodeling your shower space does more than give your bathroom a new look. It also increases the value of your house.

If you need some help figuring out how to renovate your bathroom, here are a few do?s and don?ts to remember.

1. Do Renovate with a Budget in Mind

Having a budget helps you plan and consider the renovation aspects that you can afford.

If you?re on a tight budget, consider buying your renovation materials from wholesale stores at a cheaper cost.

Additionally, if you have the right skills and feel confident enough, you can save on labor costs by doing a DIY project.

Further, it?s prudent that you budget for the unexpected. Have a 10-15 percent cushion in your budget.

A contractor may need to repair some hidden problems before they start working on the bathroom renovation. Common shower problems include a rotten floor, a leaking shower pan, or a poorly insulated wall.

2. Don?t Fail to Remodel for the Future

You don?t want to keep remodeling your shower room after every three years. Thus, it?s important you think about the future.

To ensure the longevity of your shower room, renovate with aging in mind. Using universal shower designs allows you to use larger shower stalls, benches, and grab bars.

Additionally, keep your designs as neutral as possible. This makes it easier to alter the design of your bathroom in the future.

Choose neutral colors for tiles, fixtures, and cabinets. If you want to add more vibrancy to your bathroom, consider using accessories or homemade arts which are easier to change.

3. Consider a Walk-In Shower Over a Bathtub for a Small Bathroom

The standard bathroom is 40 square feet while the average tub is 15 square feet. A bathtub may lead to a cramped up bathroom, especially if you have limited space.

If your bathroom is small, a walk-in shower can be a good option as it?ll take about 12 square feet of floor space only. The extra open floor allows you to incorporate other bathroom aesthetics.

Additionally, showers use less water than tubs and are more convenient for people with mobility issues. You can also add multiple high-end showerheads to your shower room including rain, steam, or jet showerheads.

If you still want to keep the tub, consider having an open shower. This shower enclosure is large and spacious. Although it?ll take up a significant part of your small bathroom, it?ll make it appear spacious.

4. Don?t Use Poor Materials

Don?t compromise on the quality of materials due to budget constraints. Focus on durability.

Go for porcelain or glazed tiles for the floors and walls since they last longer. They?re also easy to clean and maintain. To avoid a slippery floor, use tiles with a sandy glaze or a matte finish.

For bathroom sinks, choose materials that aren?t prone to chipping. The best materials include enamel on steel, stainless steel, or solid-surface sinks.

The shower pan needs to be strong to avoid future breakage and leaks. Consider using a cultured marble shower pan as it?s crack-resistant. Alternatively, you can go for a reinforced acrylic pan which is less likely to flex or crack since it has an MDF core under the acrylic surface.

5. Don?t Forget About Ventilation and Lighting

The steam from the shower condenses on the surfaces and finishing, promoting mold and mildew growth. Additionally, the aerosol sprays used in the bathroom can cause health problems if there isn?t enough ventilation.

Consider having a ceiling mounted ventilation fan. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need more than one fan. You can also install dehumidifiers or a window if you have a big bathroom.

Good lighting will not only prevent mold growth?but will also remove shadows which help reduce slip accidents. Since showers are the wettest rooms in your home, the lighting should be appropriately rated and safe to use in wet places.

LED lights are a great choice since they?re energy efficient. You can also be creative and install decorative fixtures on your lighting system to bring more life in your bathrooms.

6. Do Consider Water Efficiency

About?27 percent of all household water use is from showering. Luxurious showers with multiple showerheads may draw eyes to your bathroom, however, they may use a lot of water.

Go for a low-flow showerhead as it?s more efficient. It also lowers your water bill, water heating costs, and carbon dioxide emissions.

Additionally, consider low-flow toilets that use as little as 1.6 gallons of water for every flush compared to the standard ones that use up to 7 gallons per flush.

Dual flush toilets are also recommended since they allow you to use less water during a low-volume flush. Further, install faucets with aerators to regulate the water flow to your bathroom.

7. Do Hire a Pro to Do Your Shower Renovation

Remodeling your bathroom as a DIY project can save you some money. However, there?s the possibility of something going wrong. For instance, you?ll have to pay insurance fines if you improperly install some of the bathroom fixtures.

Hiring a professional to handle your shower renovation ensures the job is done effectively and safely. A licensed and insured contractor will have a team of pros who have the right skills to handle your renovation needs.

Get a Shower Renovation from Solid Arc Construction Inc.

Remodeling your shower room can be an exciting experience. However, it?s also a pricey one. If you want value for your money, hire a licensed contractor to get the job done.

At Solid Arc Construction, we have a team of trained professionals who can help with your shower renovation. Partner with our skilled contractors to transform your shower room to something unique and comfortable.

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