Shiny and New: 6 Kitchen Counter Trends for 2019

If you’re remodelling your kitchen you want to make sure your kitchen counter material choice is on trend. Learn what’s in right now.

Global demand for countertops will rise 2.3 percent every year until 2021.

Are you updating your kitchen but aren’t sure what to choose for your kitchen counter? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll cover top trends for kitchen counters in 2019.

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Choosing a Kitchen Counter

A kitchen counter is an essential part of kitchen decor. What you choose as material, finish, and design will matter for your countertop. Let’s go over the top trends for this year. You’ll get some new ideas for your own kitchen.

1. Polished vs. Honed

Honed surfaces are the most common for textured surfaces. A honed finish doesn’t have a lot of shine but more of a matte finish. The look depends on the type of stone. It tends to have a smooth surface and a low sheen.

Honed finishes work best with marble. The lack of shine will conceal any scratch marks or flaws.

A leathered finish has become popular. It’s a new style of treatment that has a soft sheen but is less glossy than a polished slab. It’s a bridge between gloss and matte finishes.

They feel more like satin. The leather finish keeps the stone’s natural color. It also hides water spots and fingerprints.

2. Quartz and Granite Remain Popular

Quartz is a high-end alternative to granite. Granite’s a natural rock and has dominated the countertop scene for years.

For a homeowner looking for something durable and good looking, granite is a good choice. Yet, granite is porous. Liquids like oils, water, or wine can seep through the surface and stain. It also encourages the growth of bacteria.

You can seal granite with a non-porous sealant. The sealant will wear off over time, so you’ll have to get your countertop resealed in its lifetime.

Quartz is non-porous, and you won’t have to reseal it. Its resistant to staining and this makes it the most hygienic option for homeowners. It’s sturdy and durable. This choice for homeowners had always remained popular.

It’s low-maintenance and comes in a variety of colors and finishing techniques. You can choose a finishing technique that looks like natural stone. Right now, a popular finish is matte.

3. Veining and Patterns Are Popular

Do you want more character in your countertops? You can pick from various patterns unlike everyday styles from years ago. Have fun looking through realistic veining and forget round particulates.

Materials like quartz’s designed to look like granite, marble, or natural stone. The long lines of color through natural stone’s known as veining.

This is a characteristic people look for when shopping for their kitchen countertops. It appears both elegant and organic.

Veins result from crystallized minerals in the stone. These minerals include iron, feldspar, or quartz depending on the stone. Veining adds a sense of creativity to your kitchen vibe.

4. Have Fun Choosing Kitchen Sink Styles

Make sure you don’t forget about your kitchen sink that will match your countertop. Try and look at different styles for your sink. This year, matte black sinks have become a popular trend.

Brass and gold colored sink fixtures are trending as well. Choose these colors instead of your typical silver sinks.

Oversized sinks have become favored as well. This is not only functional, but it also looks great with a larger fridge or appliances.

Modern and elegant sinks are new this year. Choose a farmhouse sink for a change. They are all part of 2019 kitchen countertop trends.

5. Neutral Tones and White

A common theme for the home this year includes soft neutral tones. Bright and bold hues aren’t as popular but instead laid-back tones.

Consider a soft white, grey, or beige tone for your kitchen. You could highlight individual components using neutral backgrounds.

If you choose a beige countertop, get a ceiling-high mosaic backsplash to stand out against it. Quartz colors can include light blues and duller browns.

With neutral tones, large windows in your kitchen will illuminate the natural light. Your kitchen will feel airier and more modern. Small spaces are popular now, but the neutral color and natural light will help expand the area.

Choosing pure white countertops appear minimalist. It’s a fresh look that natural stones cannot achieve. These materials can resist stains well and stay crisp white for years.

The stark look of white countertops appears great in contemporary spaces. True white may appear severe with traditional decor. Yet in a modern area, it looks appropriate.

If you have a smaller kitchen, consider picking white. A small condo kitchen with white countertops and cabinets will appear larger.

Spaces with grainy wood cabinets will look better with simple white countertops. It will appear less chaotic and busy that way.

6. Dark Countertops

Consider choosing a dark countertop in charcoal or black. If you have darker cabinetry or dark floors, a black countertop will work well with the decor.

If you want a dark-on-dark palette, have a lot of natural light sources. Your space will feel sophisticated and cozy. White can absorb nearby colors. A dark countertop can bring out subtle colors in painted cabinets.

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