Water Damage Basement RenovatingHaving discussed the importance of ceilings and the overall space when renovating your basement, we turn our attention to a basement’s worst enemy: Water Damage.

Have your Toronto area contractor discuss these issues with you, so you know the facts before starting your basement renovation:


When it comes to basements, water presents itself in all the wrong places, causing unwanted mold and mildew issues for years to come. Event small amounts of moisture can cause large problems – it’s best to be fully prepared when finishing your basement. Best practices to help prevent these long term issues are always performed by contracting professionals to give you peace of mind.

Before renovating your basement, ensure you have no cracks in the foundation – this will help with further issues down the line when it comes to flooring and walls.

Don’t be a basement martyr and try to save a few bucks by doing the basement renovation on your own. When water seeps in, it won’t stop and this will cause you thousands of dollars of damage control. Hire professional contractors who have been in the business long enough to know the ins and outs of fending off water with special techniques. Their expertise will come in handy when stopping even the smallest of leaks.

There are also many other waterproofing steps one can take when renovating a basement. By replacing your roof gutters or strategic landscaping around the premises of your home, you can prevent unwanted water to your bottom floor. Some use a “French drain” around the house to flow the water away from the home and into the driveway or street.

It’s important to point out that regardless of what sort of water-resistant walls you end up choosing, if water is constantly finding its way in, your walls will be ruined and will need to be replaced.

In short, always use best practices when fighting water in your basement. It might seem like something small – but in the end can cause more damage than meets the eye. Contact your local contractor to give you the facts about basement moisture and how to best prevent it.


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