Putting all the right paints together for your homes walls: Part 2

Putting all the right paints together is not an easy job!

After getting started on our quest for selecting the right paints for your home, we want to make sure we put it together perfectly for your home. While some might choose a more outlandish way to paint their homes, others look for a subtler way to coat their walls and have it accented perfectly with the furniture in the room. Either way, go with what YOU feel your walls should look based on your color schemes and décor in the rooms.

Usually when one sells their home, its recommended to select a clean color like a white or an off-white, allowing for the potential buyer to easily paint over if they so wish. It gives the buyer a bright, clean looking room with a wide imagination for whatever they want to paint it. With a full array of colors at your local hardware store, or gaining inspiration from other sites and galleries, it should be a fun experience to come up with different color schemes for your home. It's amazing what a little paint or various shading can do to brighten or set the tone for a room.

A good way to start with colors is to keep the color wheel in mind. If the primary colors are red, yellow and blue which corresponds to 12, 4 and 8 on the wheel. We can combine any one of those colors to create your purples, oranges, etc. When colors are close to each other like purples and blues, it will make one of the colors stand out more. Putting opposite colors together will create a huge contrast, yet complementary to one another. And of course if you have a primary color (say green) and a lighter shade of green, it will create a more soothing look.

Painting with reds, yellows or oranges will give your room a more vibrant look, while going with blues or greens will make smaller rooms look larger or airier. When you go with a vibrant look, you can also scale it back some to a less in-your-face peach, pink or soft yellow.

You can also compliment a warm color with a cool shade and vice versa.

Next, we'll talk about going with a subtler look for your home renovation paint job.