Preventing a Flood in your Basement in Toronto

There's a Flood in your basement! Panic!

As spring rolls on through Toronto with heavy downpour in April and May, along with it comes the inevitable snow residues, water buildup and unfortunately, flooding.

In some neighborhoods, where waterproofing and other preventative measures haven't been taken, basements are flooded in our great city with no intention of stopping.

A panicked homeowner will probably curse the heavens and get on the phone with insurance or frantically collect their possessions from the flooded space. It's time like this, you need a noted professional in basement renovations that can properly give you sound advice on how to approach such catastrophes.

So What do you do if there’s a flood and your Basement Is Flooded

A flooded basement can mean a lot of things to a homeowner: lost possessions, potential appliance and machinery fixes or insurance payouts. It's best to make sure you are aware of some items to help you in time of crisis:

Shut Off Any Failed Plumbing

While most of the basement flooding would be caused from torrential downpour, often times it can be as a result of bad plumbing.

With your water tank, bathrooms and washing machine in the basement of your home, it produces and releases tons of water. If this water isn't funneled properly, it can lead to disastrous results.

When in doubt, it's recommended to shut off any electrical devices in the basement to ensure your plumbing isn't affecting the basement any worse!

Get a hold of your Insurance Company fast!

At this point, you should be calling your insurance company to see if you are covered for flooding. Your agent will talk to you about what you can claim and give you advice on what the next steps are for your possessions. Whether the flood is large or small, it's worth giving them a call

In our next blog, we'll discuss the next steps to take if a basement flood has happened.