Individual Renovation Costs in Toronto (2019)

Kitchen Renovation Costs and Other Rooms

(This article was originally published on Jan, 2016 and updated in April 2019)

When you're thinking about your home renovation costs and what each room should cost, it's always good to have a base price. What each room and facet to a home renovation is obviously unique to each circumstance, room dimensions and the furnishings and appliances.

Note these are rough estimates for each individual renovation costs and how they should impact your thinking on your next renovation.

Kitchen renovation costs

A kitchen is central in your home and usually used as a showpiece in your home. The rough estimate for this project ranges from $15,000 - $50,000 depending on size and quality of appliances.

Bathroom Renovation Costs

The bathroom is a room in which you spend sometime when you wake up every morning when you wake up. As well as every evening before you retire. That being said, it is usually a 1st choice for home renovation projects. The rough estimate for the cost of a bathroom renovation or remodel is between $8,000-$15,000.