In the event of a Flood in your Basement in Toronto: Part 2

We saw what we needed to do right as a flood hits your basement in Toronto. Making sure you maintain your cool and sanity while you go through the motions of your home's natural disaster.

Here are some next steps to take during a flood in your basement in Toronto

Search and Rescue Your Personal Possessions in your Basement in Toronto

Of course! All of your important belongings in the basement is important and you need to go down there and get it! Making sure you get a proper assessment of your personal damage will be important in your calls with your insurance company.

Be careful though when you start pulling items out of the water, especially with electronic items, as this could cause electrocution and items intermingled with sewage and toxic substances might be detrimental to yours and your family's health. If you aren't aware of what has toxic substances and what doesn't, it's best not to touch anything until you have a professional look at it.

Don't despair if you have electronics or other items that might seem irreplaceable there are great restoration companies that can help restore all your possessions.

Be careful when you pull things out of your basement too as they may develop mold and could further damage your items.

Get a hold of a Disaster Restoration Expert

Within 2 days of your home getting flooded, it's important to reach out to a disaster expert that can help restore your basement. It might seem extreme but if you want to get the most out of your basement restoration, it's better practice to get an expert that can help pump water out and drying your home correctly.

Of course, they will be busy during the flood season and during these heavy rains, but it's best to be most prepared prior to these disasters. Their turn around time is generally pretty good, plus they have 24 hour service normally, but if your neighborhood is under water, it will be tough to beat those crowds.

Do your Waterproofing homework

As a contractor in the Toronto area, we give our customers the best they can do within their budgets and our expertise. One thing we stress is always being prepared!

Your basement can be a true asset to your home and to give it a less-than-professional renovation can be more counterproductive and costlier than doing it right the first time.

One thing we stress is to ensure the basement is waterproofed properly and that your basement Toronto contractor can ensure no leakages and water come through to your basement.