Finding the Right Contractor Checklist

So you’ve saved up some money to fix up your home! You’ve finally convinced your spouse that the time is now to do a basement renovation. Or that bathroom reno you’ve been wanting to do for so long is finally within reach time to get to work!

Only question is who to do it?

Before choosing the RIGHT contractor for the job, consider the following tips as a primer to selecting the right contractor for the job. Sometimes it’s about asking the right questions to get the answers you need to make your selection easier.

  • Reviewing past work: Always consider the past work the contractor has done in the past. Using references and viewing photo galleries of their previous work will be a good indicator of what sort of work your Toronto contractor can do!
  • Get a few quotes: Make sure you do your homework enough to get a few quotes for the job. Interview as many as you feel fit. Sometimes the cheapest option isn't necessarily the best!
  • Ensure your contractor has the time: If the contractor you've hired has multiple jobs at the same time, they may not find time for your job! Make sure they can do your job as efficiently and timely as possible.
  • Ask what your contractor will do and what the subcontractors will do: Always make sure your contractor is hiring the right people!
  • Talk to the contractor frequently: Especially for bigger jobs, make sure you are on top of things daily. If you see an issue, it should be fixed right away. Something done wrong will have to be fixed later and that's a bigger job.
  • Check price margins for materials: If you can buy some of the materials yourself and save some money it's worth shopping around!

All in all, your renovation should be treated with respect, regardless of who does the job. If your house gets the same TLC that their house would get, then you know you've done right.

Happy renovating!