Beyond the basics of a Bathroom Renovation

In our last discussion, we talked about the basics of a bathroom renovation and how they can fit your budgetary needs.

As we climb our way to a more cost-efficient bathroom renovation, we will talk about some added features that go beyond the basics of a bathroom renovation.

Obviously, these are all costs that can be curbed at any level you wish. It?s our opinion that the bathroom ? or any renovation ? makes the person. And when you are doing a renovation, you want it to fit your mold and your personality. Ultimately what you add to your house reflects on your personal tastes and likes, regardless of budgetary constraints.

Lets dive in:

  • Custom vanities: this is a biggie when it comes to every bathroom renovation. Your contractor will help you decide on which vanity to get ultimately, but you can really spice up your bathroom with a custom vanity. This goes beyond the basics of a bathroom renovation, but it can be a focal point of your bathroom. Standard vanities in the big box stores will cost anywhere between $400 to $600 with faucets. Getting a custom vanity allows for the use of a double sink or personalized faucets or fixtures that would better suit the room. With custom detail, it can run up to $2,000 for the right unit.
  • Floor heating: what?s a better way to get out of your shower than the feeling of a warm floor under your feet? With radiant flooring heating, professionally installed, your floor becomes an oasis for your toes during those cold winter days. Building your bathroom literally from the ground up can garner some pretty incredible results and by wiring your bathroom floor for heating, it will probably cost you in the neighborhood of $6-$12 per square foot.
  • Converting a tub to a walk in shower: if you?re really feeling ambitious and want to go way beyond the basics of a bathroom renovation, try your hand at a completely new feel to your shower experience. A walk in shower requires removing your tub and creating new architectural designs for it. Together with the costs of plumbing that might require extra work, you?re looking at $15,000 of extra costs to your bathroom renovation. This renovation might make your bathroom renovation look a lot prettier but will cost about half of what you might expect to.
  • Other behind the scenes costs: when you are looking to upgrade anything in your home, you are always looking at proper building codes and regulations. When you are preparing your bathroom renovation, understand that there could be added costs if you shift certain utilities or change the look of the room. This might require added costs of demolition, rewiring or plumbing costs.

In the end, you want your bathroom renovation to go as smoothly as possible. Preparing for all kinds of different setbacks or bumps in the road is normal. To go beyond the basics of a bathroom renovation will put you in a realm that you might not be prepared for. Budget properly and your bathroom will have your personal stamp that you can be happy with!