Best Hallway Paint Colours for a Toronto Home

In the last 13 years, home prices in Toronto have doubled, yet the rent has only increased by 5%. Increasing the value of a house depends largely on the features that make it attractive. When renovating your house, go for the best hallway paint colours to boost the value of your home.

Homeowners usually overlook the hallways. After all, you might argue that they are just links to the rooms. Yet, hallways are crucial spaces within our homes and their appearance changes the value of a home considerably.

The best hallway paint colours can liven your narrow and poorly lit hallways adding significant value to your home.

Best Hallway Paint Colors for a Toronto Home

When choosing hallway paint colours, factors such as the size of the hallway, lighting, and colour schemes of the nearby rooms are worth noting. If you are an interior d?cor enthusiast, then blending the colours perfectly would be your ultimate goal. Getting a good contractor in Torontocan help you decide on the best hallway paint colours.

Here are some great colours that you will make your hallways lively and add a touch of class to your home.

1. Grey

For lovers of neutral colours, grey is one of the best hallway paint colours. With this neutral colour paint, your walls will have a warm and welcoming feel. The grey colour on your hallway gives a great first impression and provides a restful feel.

To achieve an attractive contrast, use two shades of grey. For the base, go for soft grey paint and use a darker tone for the ceiling. Glass accessories or white furniture will complement your hallway beautifully.

2. Cream

Cream is an off-white shade that will leave your hallway looking spacious. The colour scheme improves the lighting of the room, especially for dark and long hallways. More importantly, cream is likely to blend with colours in the rooms connected by the hallway.

If your hallway has a brick stain, you don’t have to struggle to hide it with an accessory. A simple oil-based creamy paint can make significant changes.

A reliable contractor will help you address other damages on your hallway that might require more than paint.

3. Bright Yellow

Most hallways hardly get natural lighting from the sun. That is why choosing bright yellow colour paint is ideal to bring light and warmth. To tone down the brightness, you can add white and black wall hangings.

The yellow colour creates an ambiance that nurtures energy and freedom. Yellow is one of the best paint colours for small hallways because it makes it appear longer.

For a zesty and playful feel in your home, you can incorporate yellow for your hallway.

4. Baby blue

Your hallway doesn’t have to be a lonely passageway. Baby blue is an inviting colour that would make anyone comfortable. The blue colour softens up the hallway and makes it appear spacious.

Most people associate colours such as blue with outdoors and having it on your hallway walls will make it more captivating.

5. Golden Sands

Golden sand is a sunny colour shade that will help to brighten your hallway. The paint colour brings out a summer day ambiance even when the weather is dull.

Avoid accessories that might make your already bright hallway appear busy.

6. Navy Blue

You are probably wondering why you would paint an already dark hallway with navy blue. Well, for a couple who love a romantic space, navy blue is the colour to choose.

You can add dim lights across the highway to bring out the sophistication you want to achieve.
Navy blue balances the conventional grey or white colour palette. This dark shade is welcoming, charming, and intriguing. A carpet runner can complement the navy shade.

7. High-Gloss Green

Green oil-based paint is favourable if you want to address the long-tunnel effect of narrow hallways. High-gloss green colour paint will reflect the light and bring about a shimmery glow. High-gloss paints are attractive especially in spaces such as hallways where there is hardly any furniture.

8. Beige

Beige is one of the best paint colours for small hallways. If you choose beige for your hallway walls, the ceiling can be medium beige to achieve a spacious room illusion. Beige is a cool colour that can complement most designs in a home.

9. Blush Pink

You don’t have to endure that peeling paint when you can DIY with blush pink. The colour paint is ideal for hallways if you want to achieve a homely feel for your family. The pink colour makes the spaces look bright and open.

You can add decorative pieces that are not necessarily colourful.

10. Deep Aqua

The dark hallways can remain mysterious if you add a touch of deep aqua. Some artistic homeowners are likely to get deep aqua latex paint to transform their walls to a more sophisticated look.

With the latex paint drying easily, you can DIY and achieve the desired outcome.

If you are experiencing drywall damage, you don’t have to be limited to white colour paint. While the hue is ideal in any room, experimenting with other colours can add value to your home. Consider the desired outcome you want to achieve before renovating your hallway.

There are many stores in Toronto where you can get a variety of colour paints. Ensure that you get a trusted dealer to avoid damaging your walls with poor quality paint.

For the Best Hallway Paint Colors, You Need to Consider the Size and Lighting of the Space to Achieve Desirable Results

Painting your walls will improve the value of your home besides creating a welcoming ambiance. Ensure that you know the different colour shades of paint before you select the best choice for your hallways. Pinterest can give you awesome ideas that you can choose the best hallway paint colours.

The paint you choose brings out a particular mood and selecting the right shades is paramount. If you need assistance, you can reach out to contractors near you.

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