Tips to make an energy efficient home

Having an energy efficient home can save you a lot of money down the road!

When you buy a house in Toronto, it can be an exciting time. You've secured a great home whether it's an old home or a newer model, there's always a thrill when a home is bought.

Sometimes, things such as making an energy efficient home is far down the list of priorities for new home owners. There are ways to make an old house retrofit to convert into a more energy efficient home and newer models are often already fitted for green living.

Here are some quick and easy tips to help your home become more efficient and healthier for your family and save you few bucks down the road!

  1. Using natural flooring for your house: Using hardwood, bamboo or other natural materials can create a beautiful look for your home it also helps the environment in its natural state
  2. Choose paints and materials that are friendly for ozone: There are many products in the construction industry that have gone green. Materials such as toxic-free paints and natural wall coverings for your rooms are all part of the renaissance movement towards making our earth more efficient.
  3. Water devices and apparatuses: When you are in the market for a new sink, toilet or a shower head, there are specially marked items that are water safe and decrease your water usage. Even though you won't see the difference in pressure from your end, you will see a noticeable drop in your water bill!
  4. Integrating home technology: With the advent of apps and home technological advances, you can automate your home to be energy efficient. Items such as leaving the lights off or lowering the temperature when you're out can go a long way in making an energy efficient home.
  5. Energy Efficient home with windows: when you upgrade to properly insulated windows, it can have a lasting effect on your energy bill. Many brands have gone green in their materials with efficient window coverings and panes that will help keep heat out and create more efficiency within the home.
  6. Solar panels: it's not so farfetched these days to have a full solar panel on your roof. The efficiency you'll create by producing your own energy will reduce your bill like no other!

As usual, it's best to consult your local contractor to ensure you can get the most out of your home with the least amount of energy used. These ideas are just some subtle ways to increase efficiency and your local Toronto contractor can help!