Take it From the Professionals: New Bathroom Trends for Ultimate Inspiration (2019)

The professionals have had their say and these are the top new bathroom trends doing the rounds right now. Here’s a little look for bathroom inspiration!

A bathroom renovation is one of the two most popular home remodeling projects.

But if you don’t have a clear renovation plan, your bathroom expenses can get out of hand fast.

Do you need some inspiration for your bathroom look? We’ve put together a list of 2019 new bathroom trends below.

So let’s dive in!

Black Is Back

The color black is bold. It gives your bathroom a sense of luxury and class. The darker the shade, the better.

You can incorporate black in your bathroom through small pieces, like light fixtures and mirror frames, or attention-grabbing appliances. Even black walls and roofs are in this year.

If you like the idea of black but don’t want to get too dark, you can also choose a monochrome style as well, which is another 2019 hit. Pick one color, such as grey, and decorate the entire bathroom in different shades.

More Storage, But Compact

Towels, washcloths, extra bath soaps, and more are moving out of the linen closet and back into the bathroom. Practicality is the key for bathrooms this year.

But that doesn’t mean storage space has to take up the entire bathroom.

Storage solutions for the bathroom are sleek and attractive, and better yet, they’re compact. You can fit everything you need in the bathroom without giving up your open design.

Different Types of Wood Accents

Wooden bathroom accents have gone in and out of style the past few years, but this year, they’re back in.


Wooden accents pair nicely with both vintage bathroom looks and the spa design, both of which are making their own comebacks.

Get creative with warm shades of wood. You can even turn your bathroom floor into a type of wood.

High Tech Showers, Floors, Mirrors, and More

Technology is on the rise in the world, and the bathroom is no exception. This year is all about fitting technology wherever it can fit inside your bathroom.

You can do this in a number of ways.

Bluetooth speakers in the shower give you a way to listen to your favorite songs as you’re getting ready in the morning. You can also program your shower so you can turn it on when you’re on your way home from the gym.

Heated floors continue to be a popular choice. And backlit mirrors provides a soft light that keeps any shadows from getting in the way of doing your hair or makeup.

Artistic Statement Pieces

Artistic statement pieces are also moving into the bathroom. You’ll want to create something that catches peoples attention and gives your bathroom a high-end feel.

For example, you might want to include a statement wall. Think something with patterns, floral designs, and bright colors. This will add drama to your bathroom, and it’s even more impactful in small spaces.

You can also hang asymmetrical mirrors, paintings, or other pieces of art.

Interesting Tile Patterns

Color isn’t the only way you can customize your bathroom tile. As technology continues to advance, the patterns and shapes you can make with your tile get more and more complex.

Go all out with hexagons, diamonds, fish scales, and other interesting patterns. You can even play with different textures to go along with it.

Small Pops of Color

Remember the green and yellow appliances of the 70s kitchens? Now that principle has converted to the bathroom. But don’t worry. This trend looks much more classy and much less cringy.

Use your appliances to bring small pops of color to your bathroom.

Think about buying a blue tub or a teal sink. The colors in your bathroom are no longer limited to the walls.

At Home Spa

Homeowners want their bathrooms to reflect the luxurious, relaxing feel of a spa. Because of that, at home spa bathroom designs are big this year.

A bathroom like this might include wood accents or floors, smooth river stones, muted lighting, greenery, soft textures, and plenty of open space.

Don’t forget about the most important part. Large, deep soak bathtubs are in style this year. And they fit perfectly with a spa design.

Open Showers

Along with big bathtubs, open showers are also on trend.

What does an open shower look like?

They could just be a large, spacious shower enclosure. Some open showers take up a significant portion of the bathroom and include a tub inside as well.

While some people think they lake privacy, they can make your bathroom appear a lot bigger than it actually is. This can give a small bathroom the illusion of more space.

Open Concept Design

If an open shower isn’t enough for your, open concept bathroom designs are another rising trend for 2019.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be tucked away in a small room anymore. Instead, you can incorporate the different elements of a bathroom into your bedroom space.

This allows you to get ready for work or other social outings in a more comfortable, spacious area.

Hidden Shower Drains

A metal shower drain can take all the beauty out of your marble shower. That’s why hidden shower drains are making a rise this year.

You can enjoy the look of your shower and not have to worry about stepping on an uncomfortable drain.

Window Vanities

This year is also seeing more and more window vanities.

Here’s what that looks like.

Instead of putting your vanity in front of a mirror, many homeowners are putting their vanities in front of a window. This provides a lot of natural light that can help soften your appearance. It also gives you a nice view to look at as you get ready.

And don’t worry. You can still have a mirror. But instead of using a wall-mounted mirror, pick a tabletop mirror.

New Bathroom Trends That’ll Give You the Ultimate Inspiration

Using these new bathroom trends of 2019 can make planning your bathroom renovation a lot easier.

Not sure how you’ll be able to afford some of these bathroom additions?

Make sure you take a look at this guide to learn how much a bathroom renovation will cost you and how to do it on a budget.