Maximize Closet Space the Right Way!

When we talk about creating more space for your home, we discussed different ways to give your family more room creatively. One place we didn't touch upon however is your closet! We need to try and maximize closet space the best way you can.

For you hoarders, please turn away. For those looking for some quick ways to get the clutter out and organize and maximize your home read on!

While we pride ourselves in custom built homes, demolition and doing construction the right way, we are always an advocate to creating more space in different ways. Another way to help our customers feel right in their own homes!

Here are some tips to maximize closet space for your home:

  1. Remove the junk! A key component to any closet is cleanliness! Simple things like removing those shoe boxes, getting smaller, thinner hangers or removing those drycleaner plastic bags not only maximizes the closet space, but makes it neater. Once you've removed all the junk, it's time to:
  2. Throw out or donate all clothes that don't fit anymore! Hoarders will always have that attachment to clothing old and young. It's time to start fresh, or at least let go of some of those 80s sweaters and 44 pairs of flip flops! Thoroughly cleaning your closet means taking stock of what you have and keeping what you NEED!
  3. Lighting! Now for some actual construction to your closet space. A good way to maximize closet space and give off that feeling that at least the closet is bigger, is to accent it with some nice lighting. You can opt for a nice LED light on the ceiling of your closet to give off that feel that the room is bigger than it is
  4. Use the Door! Many rooms and closets will seem so crammed, there's literally no space to put anything. An idea might be to get hooks to hang your bathrobe or towels or even a shoe rack that can neatly compartmentalize your shoe collection. A must for all small rooms and closets!
  5. Hang some mirrors! Nothing like a little optical illusion to make a room look bigger! It's also very convenient to have a mirror in the room you'll be changing clothes in.
  6. Floor Space! Most homeowners always leave the floor of closets cluttered with shoes, boxes or anything they can cram into it so the closet will close. Make good use of the space and give yourself some room to walk around.
  7. Paint a lighter color: as suggested in previous posts, we always recommend painting rooms and closets a lighter color to give off that there is more room. It can be a nice final touch to your closet and a great way to maximize closet space.

These are just a few tips to maximize closet space in your home. As always we can help out with any custom shelving and construction to really put the pizazz back in your room closets!