Getting the Right Paint for your Home: Part 3

Right Paint for your Home Your Choices:

After discussing how to gather inspiration for the right paint for your home and combining all your colors to create a beautiful wall color, we now discuss the different looks your homes walls can take on:

For a soothing, more subtle look:

In this day and age, many homeowners will use a one-color approach ?either with one solid color or with subtle variants of that primary color. The one color approach looks very well in bathrooms and bedrooms and can give you a sense of calm. Start off with a base color reds, blues, greens and work off that to complete your color scheme. Give your bedroom a variance of that primary color with shading and trim to complete your one-color scheme. Homeowners will also use that color as their base for the other accessories in the room, such as lamps, shades and shelving units.

If you're looking for a peaceful type room, shades of blues, yellows and pinks can give you that option. Lighten those colors up a bit and it will give you a calm ambience to the room. Giving your rooms more textures will really accentuate your room and will make it pop.

Kitchen colors should give off a comforting feel with shades of yellow or blues. It gives off that tranquil, welcoming feel that will invite people into your kitchen.

For a more elegant look with the right paint in your home:

Elegance in colors can be a subjective opinion and you want to make sure you give off that vibe in your living rooms and dens. Give those rooms some extra punch with sharp base colors and a complimentary sharp trim color. Neutral colors don't have to be just white or a one-color approach give it some zest with an almond color with a red trim.

Complimenting your room with throw pillows and vases will help accessorize a classy, elegant room. When choosing colors for living rooms or dens, you want to be able to show it off with colors and trims that give the life or your house that enthusiasm it craves. Flexibility is key here with a wide array of colors and a sharp contrasting color to give it that zest.

Give your room a lively, vibrant look:

If you're more artsy and want colors with a little more panache go with some funky colors such as gold, orange or purples. To compliment those colors, use variant shading to the other side of the color spectrum (lighter purples, light gold trimming, etc). This will make your funky room turn to elegance without compromising your need for flair!

In our last blog about the topics of the right paints for your home, we will discuss the ceilings and focal points.