Common Issues Found During Home Inspections

When you're selling or buying a home, a key piece to the process is getting the home inspected. Often times there will be issues found during home inspections and as a homeowner or home seller, it's important to be aware of some of those problems.

On the one hand, as a homeowner trying to sell, you need to be able to address and fix certain problems before giving over the keys to the home. On the flip side, as a potential home buyer, it's important to look out for issues found during home inspections and to make sure they are addressed to properly.

We've compiled a list of issues found during home inspections you might find helpful:

  • Electrical issues : in older homes around Toronto, it's very common to see loose wires or even a lack of electrical outlets. Often times, there will be extension cords wiring in and out of rooms and hallways. Loose wires can lead to fires and other potential problems so be sure to get those electrical issues squared away before selling or buying your home.
  • Proper Roofing: in many cases, and certainly in the older homes, there are issues that arise with older roofs and their accompanying underlying wood panels and shingles. Over time, as winters and rain seasons pass, the materials built to protect your home will take a beating due to wear and tear. Expect the life of your roof to live between 15-25 years, but understand that when dealing with common issues found during home inspections, a patchwork roof job can lead to disastrous results if not properly taken care of.
  • Water Damage: a key component to any basement renovation is the prevention of water into the main and basement floor. Ensuring your basement is safe and will prevent extensive water damage can go a long way in the selling or buying of a home. As one of the most common issues found during home inspections, it's very important to make sure the foundation of your home is safe from any unwanted water.
  • Ceilings and Stucco: always make sure your ceilings are in tip top shape and are taking the best measures to protecting each room effectively. Older homes will have stucco ceilings which can sometimes lead to unwanted leaking and water damage. Ensure you get the stucco ceilings corrected and using a fresh coat of paint for your ceiling will help keep things in control.

When dealing with issues found during home inspections, rely on your local contractor to lead you in the right direction. This is an important part of the house buying process and you need to be sure you catch these issues before your potential home buyer or seller does!