creative space ideasLast time we talked about expanding your home’s reach, we gave ideas for creative space ideas.

In this economy and with real estate skyrocketing at extreme levels, there’s no better time than now to put more money and investments into your home. With smaller houses going for a premium these days, sometimes small, innovative ideas can boost the value of your home or improve the quality of life for your family.

If you’re savvy enough, you can make creative space ideas for your house that will no doubt get your money back if you were to ever sell your home. Alternately, if you have a growing family and space is of utmost importance, it’s great to know there are more ways to put everyone without having to upgrade to a new home.

Here are some more great creative space ideas for your house that you can implement with the help of your local contractor.

The key thing here is to make sure you renovate efficiently and create a “new” room or area out of an existing space.

Let’s dive in:

What to do when you don’t have enough bedrooms?

An ever-growing problem for the ever-growing family, is where do we put all these kids?? While it might be an easier build to create a new room with its absence of plumbing, tiling or new lighting, it’s still a costly expense.

So what to do?

Convert your attic or basement to create more living space!

Discussing this in an earlier post, we mention the importance of a new suite or a man cave or just a big room for your kids to relax – the basement or attic is your ideal place to start!

You already have the living space – all you need to do is board it up, drywall and add some flooring! Yes, it’s not a small task – but it beats the alternative of saving up for a new home or building up!

Here’s another issue we can tackle:

My master bedroom isn’t that masterful anymore – any ideas??

When you first moved to your house, the master suite may have been the last item on your list. You wanted to make sure there were enough rooms, living space or a separate room for a washer and dryer. Those things are important – but your room clearly took a back seat.

So what to do?

A common idea is to expand into an accompanying room or to build over a garage. While the cost of demolition might take you back a bit, creating a “super room” comprised of two existing rooms will give you the room of your dreams and the ultimate of creative space ideas!

Another idea can be to build on top of the garage. There’s always high ceiling space in garages, and can absolutely expand to an existing room with right contractor at the helm. Structural framing is pretty much intact and there’s the cost of demolition, but can really make a small room an oasis for you and your loved ones.

Join us next time for our next creative space ideas for your home post! Good luck with your creative build – remember to ask for help if you need it!