Creating More Space at HomeHow can you give yourself more room? By creating more space at home!

We have discussed some really great ideas for creating more space at home with these fine tips. Now let’s look a little deeper at some not-so-common ideas that you might have not thought of.

As discussed, we know what the housing market is up to – in fact, we know how far up it’s been trending over the past couple of years. Buying a house in Toronto has become nearly impossible for a first time buyer and it’s not getting easier!

When you come to the realization that you might not be in the market for a new house, unless a move to inner city Detroit or downtown Siberia is in the cards, it’s best to wrap your head around creating more space at home and giving your family that much needed room.

Here are some more ideas that might pique your interest:

I need more room for my kids to play!

We talked a lot about creating more space at home by renovating and reusing your basement as a rec room.

A lot needs to go into building your basement before you can move in all the kids’ toys, move in an elderly parent, give your older kids a haven or even a man-cave.

You need to take all the necessary steps to make sure you prevent from water damage or making sure you keep your home winterized.

Once you figure out how you want the room laid out with your amenities and is well protected against all foreign substances, you will probably look at anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000 depending on the quality of the flooring, light fixtures and walls.

In the end, your family will have that extra room it craves!

I need another bathroom in my house!

Another issue that many homeowners go through is the use, or rather over-use of a single bathroom in the home. A lot of people want to add that first floor restroom for guests and giving people an extra option in the home.

What you could do is convert a small closet into a 2-piece bathroom! With the right contractors you can gut out your closet and strategically place a toilet and vanity in the space comfortably.

You will obviously need to rough in the proper plumbing and should utilize a professional plumber. All in, you will probably look at anywhere between 5,000 to 20,000 depending on the quality of your bathroom appliances and flooring options. Well worth it!

What do I do with my small kitchen?

Nowadays, having spacious kitchens have become the norm but the majority of homes built just had room for your basic utilities: stove, refrigerator and table.

One way in creating more space in your home kitchen is break down a wall. Utilizing a competent contractor, you can easily break down a wall to combine two rooms into one.

This feel is known as an open concept and can really give your kitchen that open space you’ve always wanted! It would split up your kitchen into sections and can be divided by a simple island.

For kitchen expansions, you will probably look at a price between 25,000 to 50,000 depending on how luxurious and the devices you’ve chosen.

With that, we wish you good luck with utilizing and expanding the space in your home for you and your family!


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