Basement Renovation: Carpet vs Laminate? The Flooring Showdown

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As part of a 3 part series, we take a deep look at the advantages and disadvantages of different flooring types for your basement renovation. We start with Carpet vs Laminate

Laminate Carpet Basement Construction TorontoYou?ve chosen your Toronto area contractor! Your basement renovation can finally begin, after saving up for the big construction zone in the underbelly of your home. Now come the many questions, so many things to do ? where to start?

An old adage once taught to ?start from the ground up? ? so that?s where we?ll go. Starting with the flooring ? and history has dictated that carpet and laminate have taken the top 2 spots for basement flooring choices in Toronto.

So to better prepare yourself for what will soon be the footing of that extra room you have always wanted, we have broken it down for you:

ComfortThere?s nothing like planting your feet into the plushness of a soft carpet. Plus, it?s great on your feet in those cold winters.Not the softness of carpet, but very comfortable for walking, lying around and bouncing a basketball off of.
SoundSound is absorbed in carpet flooring and will keep the noise level down ? ideal for unruly teenagers escaping parents.With laminate flooring, expect to have the sound resonate off the walls and floor. Might be ideal for a man cave.
TemperatureUndoubtedly, carpet will keep your feet and the basement warmer by virtue of its shag-like material.Laminate is the colder of the two options, but not as cold if there?s an underlay beneath it.
UpkeepFolks can go months without properly steam-cleaning their carpets. A simple vacuum of the area should suffice. Non-resistant to spills whatsoever.Laminate is easier to sweep, vacuum, dust and mop. Great for high-traffic eaters and occasional spillers.
DurabilityFor top quality, carpets should last 10-15 years. For a lesser grade, under 5 years.Good laminate flooring should last from 15-25 years depending on the wear and tear.
AppearanceAlthough carpet is making a comeback, it?s the inferior flooring as it?s always hard to match d?cor with correct colors.Laminate is like a black pant ? it can go with everything. Will make the rooms look bigger and has a modern appeal.
Cost$3-$7 to install per square foot$4-6 per square foot installed
Resale ValueShort lifespan = bad resale valueFair to good, depending on wear and tear

Of course, if you?re really smart, you?ll just put down laminate flooring in your basement and throw your grandmother?s rug over it.. Best of both worlds!

In the end, as little as the flooring battle might seem to be, it really does impact your own quality of life. Take your time in selecting every nuance to your home ? it?s where your kids will grow up, where you will come home to every day and where you?ll eventually bequeath that rug to your grandkids, so they can throw it on their laminate.

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