Flooring Basement OptionsHaving discussed all of the important factors for cost-effective basement renovations – from cost-conscious ceiling options to being aware of water damage – it’s best to make sure you understand how each option can affect your basement – and your bottom line.

Today, we’ll discuss the flooring options for your basement and how it can affect the price and overall makeup of your basement renovation.

In previous posts, we discussed the flooring showdown between the different flooring options, but this will give you a clear synopsis of what to do and how to make sure it doesn’t dent your wallet.

Functional and beautiful Flooring for your Basement:

When it comes to basement flooring in Toronto, considering things like flooding and mold build-up are a real issue – with snow, rain and other moistures. For flooring, water is enemy #1 – it will ruin it upon impact, so we need to be mindful of our options:

Wood flooring might be a poor option for basement with the potential of flooding ruining it. It’s a beautiful option as mentioned, but just to be mindful of unwanted water.

Laminate flooring will often show imperfections of your concrete floor and could very well be damaged by flooding as well.

What should you do: Two basement-flooring options might be worth thinking about:

  • Laminate or interlocking vinyl or plank flooring options will not ruin due to basement flooding. Because they aren’t connected to the floor beneath it – only to each other – to which some coin as “floating tile”. This choice gives you the option to remove, dry and then reassemble if any damage is done to it.

Expect to pay perhaps $5 to $7 per square foot. Laminate tiles are made of different layers of material – with the main base being a high-density fiber board. They should handle dampness fairly well.

  • Carpet in your basement gives your lower floor that homey feel. If you ensure the under layer is mildew-resistant, it can help reduce mildew when and if moisture comes on to the carpet.

These quick and easy options give your basement the best possible options for your basement flooring. Consider all of your options – laminate, hardwood, carpet and linoleum – to name a few when finishing your basement.

Doing your basement efficiently and properly will go a long way towards a successful basement renovation.

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Renovating your Basement – Proper Flooring Options